Open Source Libraries and example code for the STM32 Microcontroler


libmaple is the low level library we have developed for for the ARM Cortex-M3 chips manufactured by STMicroelectronics used in the Maple boards (the STM32F103x series). We found the generic peripheral libraries too painful to build on top of and reimplemented the functionality we needed in a simpler (and less general) form. This library is transparently included in the Maple IDE, but we develop it separately using good old Unix command line tools and release it for advanced users who might chafe at the “sketch” programming model of the IDE. Included are some examples, a make file, and the compatibility wrappers and code to imitate the Arduino programming library.

Licence GPL/ LGPL / MIT see below:-
first, the gnu general public license, which covers the main body
of the processing/arduino code (in general, all the stuff inside the 'app'
and 'core' subfolders).

next, the gnu lesser general public license that covers the arduino core
and libraries.

last, the permissive MIT License, which is GPL compatible and covers the
portions of libmaple (low level ARM Cortex-M3 hardware library) which
developed by LeafLabs.