The Maxell IPod remote control Hardware

Lets take a quick look at the Hardware of the IPod Receiver Unit shown on the left of the picture below.

Front and Back of the Receiver circuit board which basically contain a IR Receiver Chip and 8 Pin IC.

An up close look at the single IC on the circuit board

Which we find is an HS108N program once micro-controller which presumably has the task of converting standard RC5 IR control codes from a standard remote control IC into the IPod's uart protocol.

The receiver board is powered from +3.3 v  and we simply need to make 3 connections to the board , +3.3v , Gnd and RxD. A pin out of the IPod 3G/4G remote plug is given below:-

IPod 3G/4G Remote Pin out

Data Pin Function
 1 Rxd
 2 Txd
 3 Digital Gnd
 4 +3,3v

 Audio Pin
 1 (tip)
 Left Channel
 2 (1st Ring)
 Right Cannel
 3 (2nd Ring)
 Audio Gnd
 4 (Sleeve)
 Video (if avail)

The IR transmitter unit contains a single "Blob covered" IC which i assume is a generic RC5 remote control transmitter chip.

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